Schools Around Asia Are Modeling Their School Rules And Textbooks After EXO’s D.O.

We’d study the heck out of that book!

Everybody knows that EXO‘s D.O. is very handsome, which might be why schools in South Korean and Japan have started using his likeness to promote school policies and help get kids interested in the sciences!

Back in 2017, some netizens discovered a school bulletin post that showed haircuts that were and were not allowed according to school rules.

And it just so happened that the photos used for the “good” hairstyle were D.O.’s!

Fans absolutely loved it and the school continues to use those posters much to the delight of students!

But this school isn’t the only one that is using D.O.’s good looks to help kids. One textbook used for anatomy classes in Japan has a picture that bears a striking resemblance to the idol.

Seriously, it’s uncanny!

Whether or not it really is him is up for debate but EXO-Ls are very sure that the illustration took some major inspiration from D.O.

It wouldn’t be all that surprising since this isn’t the first time that idols have been used to keep students engaged. In October 2017, a TWICE fan from Taiwan uploaded a photo of a school assignment that included a question about Tzuyu.

And in that same month, the group’s song “TT” was used as part of an exam in Korea.

In 2018, both TWICE and H.O.T have officially been added to the syllabus for music classes in Korea.


While a question about BTS was added to an Indian university exam!

But seriously who wouldn’t want to study hard when K-Pop idols are involved?