Scientists Generated The Perfect Face…And It Looks Like Kim Tae Hee and Irene

Researchers at Marquardt Beauty Analysis have made “the perfect face” via computer graphics…

…and it looks a lot like a mix of Kim Tae Hee and Red Velvet‘s Irene.

According to the organization, researchers have been able to create a mask with facial characteristics considered to be universally beautiful.

“With the use of mathematics, computers and massive databases of “attractive” faces, we have been able to quantify facial attractiveness in a consistent mathematical computer model in both the repose and smiling expressions in front and side views.”

— Marquardt Beauty Analysis

One Korean researcher decided to apply Asian features through computer graphics on top of the mask layout, giving the results of the “perfect Asian face”.

Dr. Stephen Marquardt’s mask of the universally attractive woman. / Source: badaTV

The “perfect face” has an egg-shaped head, big bright eyes, a narrow and sharp nose, and medium-sized lips.

Source: CGSociety

Red Velvet’s Irene has very similar features to that of the “perfect face”.

Source: Ilbe

The “perfect face” has doll-like features.

Source: Insatiable

Similar to those of Kim Tae Hee’s perfect profile!

Source: muachung

The “perfect face” also has half-moon shaped eyes when she smiles.

Source: ModtheSims

Which reminds many people of a certain someone’s beautiful smile!

Source: Star Daily News

The “perfect face” even has downward facing lips, much like Irene.

Source: CG Land

Irene and the “perfect face” seem to have a lot in common!

Source: seulgipooh

Source: Marquardt Beauty Analysis