Sechs Kies’ Jang Soo Won Confesses He Wants to Be Jin of BTS

Sechs Kies’ Jang Soo Won was not hesitant about sharing his thoughts on BTS.

On the most recent episode of tvN’s DoReMi Market, Sechs KiesJang Soo Won appeared as a guest and talked about his interest in BTS.

On the show, Boom mentioned that he read an article claiming Jang Soo Won wanted to debut as BTS. In response, Jang Soo Won confessed that he picked BTS as the group he’d want to debut with if he had the choice.

He also shared, “I’ve always liked BTS. If I could debut as BTS, I’d want to be Jin.

When Shin Dong Yup heard this confession, he made everyone laugh by adding, “I think all of those words accidentally slipped off his tongue.

Whether it was an accidental reveal or not, Jang Soo Won really can’t be blamed for being a fan of BTS and wanting to be Worldwide Handsome.

Source: Dispatch