Second Generation Female Idol Reveals The Secret On How To Slim Down A Bloated Face

Brb, taking notes.

Having a bloated face, especially in the morning, is a common thing that happens to the best of us. A second-generation idol gave tips on how to depuff a bloated face—with step-by-step instructions.


Soyou, a former member of SISTAR, recently shared some tips on how to depuff the face using Gua Sha massage. Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese healing technique that involves using a smooth tool, typically made of jade or rose quartz, to massage the skin. This technique has been gaining popularity in recent years for its ability to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and promote relaxation.

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Oftentimes lymphatic blockage causes one’s face to bloat, and Gua Sha helps drain the lymphatic system. Therefore, with the title “Soyou’s 10 Minute Gua Sha Routine To Depuff A Bloated Morning Face,” Soyou showed audiences how to do the Gua Sha massage at home on her YouTube channel. Using body oil and two types of massage tools, she demonstrated a common massage routine consisting of seven steps.

Step 1: The Scalp

First, Soyou showed us how to massage the sides of her scalp.

In an up-and-down motion, she gently massaged each side of the scalp for 20 seconds each.

She pointed out that people who are stressed have hard scalps, but healthy scalps should feel soft. Massaging the scalp not only helps with blood circulation but helps with muscle relaxation as well.

Step 2: The Neck

The second step of the routine is massaging the back of your neck. Soyou emphasized the importance of using enough body oil or massage cream to not damage the skin and instructed viewers to massage on each side of the neck for 10 seconds.

She also recommended using the pointy edge of the massage tool to press down on the focus points of the neck.

Step 3: The Trapezius Muscle

Next, Soyou showed viewers how to massage the trapezius muscles.

With her head slightly tilted down and sideways, she started from behind the ear and moved down the neck and repeated this motion ten times on each side.

Soyou recommended people who want a square-shoulder look or want a longer neck focus on massaging the trapezius muscle.

Step 4: The Collarbone

Then Soyou massaged the collarbone area in a motion that helps with lymphatic drainage. Starting from the chin, she massaged her way down to a point in her collarbone where the lymphatic “trash can” is.

For people who want to do an extra step, Soyou recommended slightly massaging the top of the collarbone.

Step 5: The Chest

Pointing out that the upper chest also has a lymphatic draining “trash can,” Soyou gently massaged the area in a pushing motion.

She said that this area may hurt for some people and this means they have a lot of lymphatic waste that needs to be drained out. She also pointed out that people can do this while watching TV because of how simple it is.

Step 6: The Arm And Armpit

Next, Soyou demonstrated how to properly massage the arm and armpit areas using a bigger massage tool than the one she used for her face and neck. She raised her arm and then used the massage tool to push down towards the armpit in a way that feels like “pushing the arm fat into the armpit.

Once arriving at the armpit, she pressed into the focus point of the armpit with the pointy edge of the massage tool.

She recommended another extra step for the little area in front of the armpit and next to the chest. Starting from the front of the armpit, she gently pushed to the start of her arms and repeated the motion.

Step 7: The Face

Lastly, Soyou demonstrated how to massage the face and jawline. With her massage tool, she followed her jawline all the way down to her neck and repeated this motion ten times on each side.

She also gave two other effective ways to de-bloat a puffy face. The first one was to use a pointy end of the massage tool to press down firmly below the jaw.

The second tip was to gently press and massage the indented area behind the ear in a back and forth motion.

And that’s the end of the seven-step routine!

The singer recommended this at-home massage for people who lay down a lot, need lymph circulation, or want to smooth out their face shape. It’s good for depuffing the face when bloated in the morning, and Soyou stated that she personally likes doing the massage at night or before or after a workout.

Soyou also gave a warning: do not massage too hard! In addition, she told minors and young people not to do this because they are already young and beautiful the way they are and don’t need it!

You can watch the full video here.