Two Second-Generation Idols Expose The Drastic Change In K-Pop Comebacks Since Their Debut

Even fans have noticed the major change.

Between the debuting of new K-Pop groups and the rise of new trends, the industry has undergone some changes from past generations.

Since K-Pop is in its fifth generation, two second-generation idols pointed out a significant change in how comebacks are promoted.

Apink’s Bomi and Chorong. | @official.apink2011/Instagram

Since MAMAMOO‘s Wheein appeared in Apink‘s Bomi‘s web series Idol Bomi to promote her first full-length solo album, IN the mood, Bomi wondered how long her promotions would be. Wheein revealed that she’d be promoting for two weeks, earning Bomi’s agreement that the “promotion period is so short these days.

It was such a drastic change that Wheein couldn’t help thinking about MAMAMOO’s 2014 debut. Nine years ago, they would promote for a period that was over three times as long. Wheein said, “When we first debuted, we promoted for two months.

Despite Apink debuting years earlier in 2011, Bomi had the same experience. She pointed out how they spent months promoting one album. Bomi said, “We promoted the title track for two months, and then the follow-up [song].” That wasn’t the only change they noticed.

In addition to the short promotion period, K-Pop groups now wait long periods between comebacks—even as long as a year. That wasn’t the case in previous generations. Wheein said, “We also released the next album right after!

Even though Apink agreed two weeks was too short and decided to extend their promotional period, it only took them a week of nonstop promotions to decide against it and remember how draining it was.

We also said two weeks is too short. We should promote the song for at least one more week. But after one week, [we changed our minds]. I never complained again.

— Bomi

Since Apink and MAMAMOO experienced long promotional periods as second-generation groups, the new trend of short comeback promotions is much easier to handle. Listen to them talk about the major change.