Where Is He Now? The Second-Generation K-Pop Idol Arrested For Selling Marijuana

He was sentenced to a year in prison initially.

Throughout K-Pop’s history, many great groups have entered hiatuses for many reasons. In 2013, a well-loved third-generation group entered a long hiatus following one member’s unexpected scandal — facing charges for selling marijuana.

In 2010, Monkey Funch Entertainment debuted a six-membered boy group called DALMATIAN (also known as DMNT).


Initially made up of Inati, DayDay, Dari, Dongrim, Jeesu, and Daniel, the group had a lot of initial interest from netizens. However, this was slightly impacted by MC Mong‘s (the group’s creator) draft-dodging scandal.

After their debut, member Day Day left the group as Dari began his military enlistment in the same year, leading to a new member, Simon, being added to the group.

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In 2013, the group updated their name to DMNT and had been promoting their track “Safety Zone,” when an arrest warrant was filed against Daniel by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department. He was suspected of selling and using marijuana, and a later hair test tested positive for the substance.

Daniel (Dani)

Daniel first denied the physical sale and usage, saying he acted as a middleman instead. Ultimately, it was revealed that while he did this, he also directly sold the drug four times.

Daniel received a one-year sentence that was reduced to three years probation and fined ₩7.10 million KRW (about $5,220 USD).

DMNT then would begin a break that continued for several years, never removing Daniel from the group. During the hiatus, Daniel (now going by Dani) completed his sentencing and, in 2018, got married!

Like many other groups that debuted then, DMNT have since gotten back together and released new music! In June 2020, the group released a single titled “Never Forget.”

Since then, there has not been much group activity, though Dani will occasionally reactivate or unprivate his Instagram account and update fans.

Hopefully, fans will get more music from Dani and the group soon!