Fans Want To Know The Secret Behind Jimin’s Amazing Eyes

BTS’s Jimin has spoken about being a little picky when it comes to makeup.

But it’s no surprise he’d take the special time when the result’s like this.

Jimin’s first viral makeup look in late 2016.

Fans are dying to know the secret to Jimin’s perfect smokey eye.

Jimin’s original viral makeup look at “Blood, Sweat, & Tears” promotions.

Korean fans have noticed with each new era his look just gets better and better!

Jimin during WINGS era.

His eyeliner and colors always give him a perfect cat-eye shape, something smooth and seductive.

Jimin’s look during WINGS tour last spring.

Talk of how he achieved such a look is totally viral.

Jimin at end of the year festivals mid WINGS era.

Fans frequently declare that they cannot copy his look and online tutorials on how to achieve it remain popular!

Jimin during WINGS era on tour.

Check out some stills from BTS’s most recent promotions that prove he’s always been a stunner in the eyeshadow game.

Source: Instiz