Here’s The Secret Behind Why K-Pop Idol Makeup Changes Between Different Music Show Broadcasts

Had you ever noticed this before?

K-Pop idols are known for their ethereal looks when onstage. Fancams from different music show stages can often go viral based on an idol’s visuals alone. It turns out that those idols’ visuals may just be affected by which music show they’re performing at.

During a recent upload on the popular Dare U Naeju YouTube channel, a YouTuber stopped by the salon to be decked out like a male idol. In this case, the inspiration was NCT‘s Doyoung.

Doyoung | @nct127/Instagram

After getting his hair done, it was time to approach the makeup. While getting his makeup done, he asked the makeup artist how the bright stage lights affect an idol’s makeup.

Surprisingly, she explained that her choice in makeup didn’t depend on the idol perse but rather what station the idol was broadcasting from.

Each station has different lighting, which not only affects how much makeup is put on but which stations make male vs. female idols look best.

Show! Music Core’ has the brightest lights. They’re really bright. It makes the female idols look really pretty, but it’s hard to make the male idols look right.

–– Idol Makeup Artist

She then revealed that while there are shows that make it more difficult for her to do makeup, she also has shows that make her job easier, like Inkigayo.

They look great on that show,” she explained. “Just enough brightness, and it makes their skin look nicer.”

Have you ever noticed the difference in how your favorite idol looks depending on the music show? Let us know, and to see the complete idol transformation, check out the video below: