The Secret To Idols Having Clearer Skin Than Regular Citizens, According To Doctors

It’s simpler than you think!

Many idols boast flawless, glass skin, so it’s only natural to wonder if their skin treatments are different from what regular customers receive.

In an episode of AYO‘s “Comment Defenders” series, dermatologists Chan Woo and Jeong Seon Mi answered common questions about idols and their skin treatments.

Dermatologists Chan Woo (left) and Jeong Seon Mi (right) | @AYO/YouTube

Citing NCT‘s Jaehyun as an example, a netizen asked the dermatologists if being born with perfect skin is the most essential factor.

NCT Jaehyun’s skin is white but pinky enough. He said he never had acne, so I’m jealous. You should just be born with male idol skin, right?

— Netizen comment

Chan Woo admitted that it is important to be born with it, however, what’s even more important is maintaining it well.

Of course, what you’re born with is important, but taking care of it constantly is more important.

— Chan Woo

Jeong Seon Mi agreed and added that there are idols who do not need much skin treatments but there are also idols who do.

Some people are really born with it, so some idols have really nice skin with just reconditioning phials or skin treatment. Some idols have bumpy skin even with makeup on because they’re covered in acne.

— Jeong Seon Mi

Although it may appear as if idols get special treatment, the truth is that they don’t. “There’s no special treatment for idols. We give the same treatments to regular people.

Rather, Chan Woo revealed that the secret behind their exceptionally clear skin is, in fact, money! She laughingly explained that idols spend a lot on skin treatments.

The secret is…you have to spend as much as idols do. Idols spend a lot more than you think. Everybody’s born with different skin, but still, it’ll get better if you do something for your skin, just like how your grade goes up if you study hard.

— Chan Woo

The costs quickly pile up. For male idols, it’s perfectly normal for them to visit a dermatologist twice a week. “Male idols also get treatments like once or twice a week steadily.

Learn more about idols’ visits to dermatologists in the full episode below!

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