This Is The “Flipping” Secret To Winning Ddakji From “Squid Game” Every Time

Be ready in case a well-dressed man approaches you at a train station!

Squid Game has become Netflix‘s runaway fall hit, and it’s not hard to see why it’s so beloved. The show features drama, violence, and excellent storytelling, all set within a colorful backdrop.

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With the show finding new ways to look at childhood games, many are now revisiting these classics to create their own “Squid Game strategy,” the first game being Ddakji.

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This entry game has become a bit of a meme since the show’s premiere, with many fans posting TikTok‘s in their local train station recreating the iconic scene. However, one YouTube channel may have cracked the code to winning this game every time.


Saw this at the Train station today, what are they doing? #squidgame #fyp

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THISCovery on YouTube has created a strategy for Squid Game fans to perfect their Ddakji technique. The first step is getting posture right. They suggest beginning by fixing your eyes on the target.

Once you’ve locked eyes with your opponent’s tile, you must add tension to your body by elevating your shoulder and clenching your tile in your hand.

While this might not be obvious, balance is essential for good posture, so keep your empty hand moving opposite of the hand throwing the tile.

Finally, a broad stance is essential. Make sure to keep your legs shoulder-width apart and your front foot lined up with your opponent’s tile.

Once you’ve perfected your stance, you’re ready to throw. There are three “strokes” that this channel suggests. The first is the “Standard Stroke,” which involves aiming your tile at the center of your opponent’s while striking downwards.

The second stroke is the “Angled Stroke,” which will have you making a semicircle with your arm. To master this technique, you’ll need to aim for the center of the side that matches up with your throwing hand (either right or left, depending on which is dominant).

The final stroke is named the “Pulling Stroke.” This involves aiming for the center again, but this time the follow-through of the swing goes all the way under the legs in a pulling motion.

Like in most sports that involve throwing, hand-eye coordination is essential, so keep your eyes on the target and make sure your hand continues the motion all the way through so as not to waste that momentum.

The channel’s final piece of advice is to give a shout when you finally make your throw. While this may seem silly, many sports like tennis find shouting useful. If it doesn’t help your throw, it may at least scare off your opponent!

Did this method work for you? Let us know, and to see THISCovery’s full Ddakji strategy, check out the video below:

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