A Look Into The Secret World of South Korea’s Gay Saunas

While many South Koreans and visitors to the country have visited the many saunas found around the country, there are also special saunas specifically for gay men in the country too!

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Korean saunas, also called “jjimjilbangs”, are extremely famous for being an escape from everyday life and to enjoy being naked in different temperature rooms ranging from scorching hot to freezing cold.

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But, did you know there are also saunas in South Korea specifically made for gay men to enjoy themselves as well?

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LGBT rights in South Korea is an ever controversial subject, and a highly complicated one at that.

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The highly religious country has been very critical towards support for same-sex marriage, but that’s changing with the younger population becoming more accepting.

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So, it’s a bit surprising that there are so many “Gay Saunas” in South Korea!

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A blog called Korean Expose explores the sauna from the perspective of a gay man living in Seoul, sharing his experiences in the sauna. Read what he had to say below:

Upon entering the dimly lit establishment, one does as they would do in any normal sauna. First, shoes are removed and stored in a locker. Patrons purchase tickets, whereupon they receive several towels and proceed to the changing room.

They shower, dry, and wrap large towels around their waists. This is tied in a strategic way as a telltale sign of one’s tendency: “top” or “bottom” — active or passive for those who are curious.

Places differ in size and complexity, but overall follow a set layout: a TV room, a series of cubicles that are curtained off, and a communal rest area. The last is where the hunt for meat, or “cruising”, begins.

It is difficult to see people’s faces because the lighting is so dim. That is why men come prepared with old 2G mobile phones, switched on and flipped open, using the pale light to make out people’s faces and towel configurations.

The submissive type, often bottoms, will remain on display on the floor as though on sale at a meat market, waiting to be purchased. If a hunter finds a catch that pleases him, he might start to fondle his way down the inert body, under the towel, slowly grabbing, touching and caressing dangly parts, thus making his intentions clear.

After those initial steps are taken, the following happens according to the personal account on Korean Expose.

At this point, the bottom can either choose to accept or reject these advances. If they hit it off, the fun begins.

Few words are ever exchanged inside the sauna. Most are equipped with condoms, lubricant, and even tissues placed at arm’s length. One can decide on how private he wants to be during the intimate act by opting for one of the so-called private rooms or the communal room where everything is on display.

Others might join in, resulting in one big orgy. Once the fun is finished, customers go back to the shower, put on their suits or hipster clothing, and discreetly disappear off back into the bustling lights of heterosexual South Korea.

Source: Korean Expose