From “M.A.C” to “DIOR”: The Secrets Behind Red Velvet Irene’s Iconic Lip Looks

The mystery behind Irene’s jaw-dropping lip looks has been unveiled.

Is there a single K-Pop fan out there who doesn’t know that Red Velvet‘s Irene is the epitome of elegance and grace? Netizens have always been in awe of her beauty and have frequently inquired about the secrets behind her flawless makeup, particularly her vibrant lip colors. Thanks to a curious fan’s question on Instagram, the mystery behind Irene’s lips has been unveiled.

| @renebaebae/Instagram

Recently, a fan posed a question to Irene’s makeup artist on Instagram regarding her lip makeup that always looks flawless. And to the delight of curious netizens everywhere, the artists generously spilled the details!

I never go with dull colors for unnie. She does best with clear and saturated pinks/reds (cooler colors).

— Irene’s Make Up Artist on Instagram

| 2aN

Not only did she reveal what kind of shades she thought worked best with Irene’s lips and skin tone, but she even dropped the exact products used by the Red Velvet star.

| @renebaebae/Instagram

1. M.A.C Runway Hit

Known for its creamy, rich formula, the M.A.C Runway Hit is a favorite among many makeup enthusiasts. This particular shade gives a nude-pink finish, perfect for daily wear or for layering with other lip products.

| M.A.C

2. Miss Rose

While specifics about this product remain undisclosed, Miss Rose‘s cosmetics are well-regarded for their high-quality products at affordable prices. Using this as a base color ensures long-lasting wear and a smooth application of subsequent lip products.

| Bubble

3. NARS Air Matte Lip

Lightweight with a soft-focus finish, the NARS Air Matte Lip provides a burst of color without the weight. This product is known for its feather-light texture that offers an effortless yet captivating look.


4. AOU Gloy Tint Balm

This tinted lip balm offers a hint of color combined with the moisturizing properties of a balm. The “Apple Balm” variant might suggest a juicy, apple-red shade, perfect for giving Irene’s lips a natural yet vibrant touch.


5. 2aN Dew Gloy Tint

With a dewy finish, this lip tint adds a splash of color while giving the lips a hydrated look. “Roseful” is likely a beautiful rosy shade that complements Irene’s cool undertones perfectly.

| 2aN

6. DIOR Rouge

A classic and iconic product in the world of luxury lipsticks. The “No. 999” shade from DIOR is a bold red with a hint of cool undertones, aligning with Irene’s preferred color palette.


It’s no surprise that the products listed are a mix of luxury and affordability, reflecting Irene’s sophisticated yet approachable style.

| @fragrance0329/Twitter

Fans are now sure to be on the lookout for these products, hoping to emulate the signature lip looks of Red Velvet’s visual queen, Irene. Whether it’s a subtle shade for day-to-day wear or a bold statement for a night out, this list offers a variety of options to try and love.

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