What Seemed Like A Normal Wedding Completely Changed Once Eric Nam Appeared

How would you react if Eric Nam sang at your wedding?

Student Choi Jiwon wanted to fulfill her promise to her middle school homeroom teacher. The promise was that all the students would sing at their teacher’s wedding, as a special present for their teacher.

The students were in for a major surprise once it was revealed that Eric Nam would be singing alongside them at the wedding.

The students couldn’t hide their smiles and shock once Eric Nam came to their practice room.

On the wedding day, Eric Nam hid behind some of the students during the beginning of the performance. Everyone was shocked once Eric Nam came out and began singing.

After the performance, Eric Nam congratulates the couple on their wedding and wishes them future happiness.

After the wedding, the students present their teacher with a couple more gifts they prepared.

Eric Nam also didn’t come empty-handed and also gave a small present to the couple.

Here is the full video below!

Eric Nam