Everyone Loves To Rest On EXO Sehun’s Lap And Here’s Proof

There are many things that both fans and EXO members love about maknae Sehun, this including the comfortable feel of his lap.

Fans have noticed that Sehun’s lap is rarely vacant in certain situations. It seems to be an irresistible spot for everyone!

As close as the members are, it’s not uncommon to see them expressing their family love and it’s definitely not reserved when it comes to Sehun’s lap.

Cute maknae Sehun

EXO members especially Kai, have been seen relaxing on the maknae’s lap in various situations, professional and unprofessional.

May the comfort be with you
Sehun’s lap is sleep approved
Source: theqoo.net

Experiencing the feel of how comfortable Sehun’s lap doesn’t stop at the members. Sehun’s dog Vivi loves it too! Sehun’s lap is Vivi’s go-to place for quality time with him.

Vivi’s destination
The good life of Vivi

Sehun’s lap seems to be so visibly comfortable that other Kpop Idols take the chance to have a relax session on Sehun’s lap.

Fans found it amusing when BIG BANG’s Sengri took the chance to have a seat in Sehun’s lap during the 2015 MAMA Awards. Sehun himself was a little bit in shock and found it funny.

Pretty flower indeed
detecting fanboy mode

Not even a pillow wins against Sehun. With all this love towards the comfortable spot, it’s clear that there’s no place like Sehun’s lap.