Sejeong Gets The Ultimate Revenge On A Hater Through “School 2017”

Kim Sejeong revealed that she was able to get revenge on a hater who doubted her dreams to become a celebrity.

During a live broadcast with the cast of School 2017, she recalled the time when her after-school academy teacher doubted her talents.

“When I was young, I used to go to an after-school academy that taught all subjects. But I consulted with a teacher about switching to a vocal academy. She told me, ‘Sejeong, do you really think you can really become a celebrity? You can’t, Sejeong.'”

— Kim Sejeong


Her teacher brutally shot down her dreams, even though she was just in middle school.

“She said, ‘You have to study. You can’t become a celebrity just by [switching to a vocal academy].'”

— Kim Sejeong

But as fate would have it, she recently filmed School 2017 at the exact same academy!

She literally proved her former teacher wrong!

“I was able to able to debut as a celebrity and returned to the academy to act. It felt really refreshing. Yeah!”

— Kim Sejeong

Source: My Daily