Before They Were Selling Out Concerts, BTS Were Handing Out Flyers To Their Free Concert In LA

They’ve come a long way thanks to their hard work

BTS are undoubtedly one of the biggest stars in the world right now.

They have broken too many records to name and their momentum continues to look unstoppable.

But as many know, their success was hard fought and well earned.

A moment that best underlines this was in their final episode of their reality show American Hustle Life where BTS travelled to America to learn more about hip hop culture.

Their final mission involved them handing out flyers on Hollywood Boulevard, inviting random passerbys to come to their free concert.

The hyung line printed out 200 copies of flyers that the maknae line were to distribute.

Jimin said that they had two strategies. One was to insist that someone come to their concert by telling them, “Come on man!” while the other was to tell a pretty passerby “I want you to come see my concert.”

Despite not being fluent in English, the members still persevered in trying to promote their group to strangers.

Jungkook noticeably did a great job, garnering a lot of attention from passerbys for his charisma. Additionally, he emphasised that the concert was free which led to more interest from the people.

This was back in 2014. Since then, BTS have skyrocketed to success.

They have gone from asking people to come to their concert, to fans begging to come to their concert.

Additionally, while they gave a free concert in Los Angeles in 2014, ARMYs know that getting a ticket to a BTS concert is extremely difficult but worth it!

While BTS may have been handing out free flyers on Hollywood Boulevard in 2014, who would have figured that on the same street years later, there would be a BT21 Line Store on the same street!

This is also one of the many examples that have shown how far BTS have come.

It wasn’t easy at the start and BTS certainly didn’t have as many advantages or opportunities when they were starting out.

They went from giving a free concert in Los Angeles, to topping the Billboard 200 three times in one year, racking awards at the AMAs and BBMAs and collaborating with top artists like Nicki MinajEd Sheeran and Halsey.

As for their world tour, BTS certainly isn’t giving any free concerts anymore! All of their concerts in their “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” tour have been sold out.

This is a testament to how much effort, dedication and talent it has taken BTS to work consistently towards the top.