Meet “Senior BTS” — Hot, Stylish Older Men Who Took Over The Internet

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ARMYs, you ready for this one? A group of 6 older gentlemen made headlines for their handsome visuals, dapper fashion choices, and their nickname as “Senior BTS.”

| @_thenewgrey/Instagram

The “Senior BTS” made a guest appearance on MBC‘s Live This Morning, where they formally introduced themselves as the Ajuhssis.

“We are the Ajuhssis!” | MBC

The Ajuhssis started to go viral on TikTok with their numerous dance covers, modeling clips and outfit changes. Using the clever handle, @thenewgrey_, these 6 gentlemen prove that age is just a number. They proved this by doing a cover of the mega-hit song by Brave Girls, “Rollin” and they’re still around today, with over 330,000 TikTok followers.


도가니가 롤린#롤린챌린지 우리도 역주행 하고 싶습니다 선배님들 @yjistimeless #추천 #fyp #아저씨즈 #ahjussis #ahjussi

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – 더뉴그레이 – 더뉴그레이

Perhaps the most eye-catching part of the Ajuhssis are their remarkable fashion choices. The Ajuhssis’ incredible eyes for fashion aren’t random, however, but rather comes from a professional place. The 6 men often model for different brands together, further proving that age is truly just a number.

Ajuhssis as models for clothing brand, BETMASS | BETMASS

The men, whose ages range from mid-50’s to their 70’s let the viewers of Live This Morning in on a little secret. They shared that they weren’t always fashionable, but that they tweaked their life changes to their current style now.

Before and after of one of the ahjussis | MBC

While the 6 gentlemen are the OG’s of this dapper ahjussi trend, they have banded together to create a brand for themselves called, The New Grey. Their brand is targeted towards the older generation of South Korea, calling all ajummas and ajuhssis to be the coolest version of themselves, regardless of their age.

The Ahjussis | Brunch

We don’t think ya’ll understand when we say, we are obsessed! We love everything about the Ajuhssis and what they stand for. You can check out the Ajuhssis and their brand here.

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