Senior Editor of Digital Trends Becomes a ONCE after seeing TWICELAND Footage at the 2019 CES Convention

The power of TWICE!

TWICE’s charms are so strong that they don’t even need to be there in person in order to convert people into being ONCEs!

Samsung was at the 2019 CES convention showing off their newest 4K television models, and used TWICE to showcase just how amazing the resolution is for their new 219 inch/556.26 cm 4K MicroLED TV model.

For those who might not know, CES is one of the world’s biggest conventions for those in the business of consume technologies. In fact, CES showcases more than 4,500 exhibiting companies (including manufacturers, developers and other suppliers of consumer technology) and hosts more than 180K attendees from 150 countries.

TWICE’s performance of “What is Love?” from their most recent TWICELAND concert series was shown as part of Samsung’s demo reel for the event, and the group’s charming performance hooked many non-Kpop listeners.

Most notably, Digital Beats’ Senior Editor Caleb Denison definitely was about to board the train to TWICELAND.

As he was doing a hands on report about Samsung’s newest TV model, the group’s performance was playing behind him. Succumbing to TWICE’s charms, he was quoted saying “I’ve never really been a K-Pop fan…but I think I might be coming one.”

Check out the video of the moment below:

Source: CES Tech


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