Seo In Guk Got Named The “Master of Kissing”, His Response Is Humbling

In an exclusive interview, Seo In Guk revealed how he really feels about being nicknamed “Master of Kissing“.

In a recent poll among 47,000 Korean netizen participants, Seo In Guk was selected as the best kisser among idols. Of the nominees, Seo In Guk came in first with over 23% of the votes. With these results, he was nicknamed the “Master of Kissing,” prompting Ilgan Sports to ask him how he felt about his newfound nickname.

Seo In Guk expressed that while he feels good about having earned such a nickname, but he was also slightly embarrassed. He then humbly stated that it was not his kissing that was good, but the lead up to the story and the audience’s ability to engage in the drama.

“It’s a little embarrassing but I feel good. It’s a good thing if you’re told you kiss well right? But no lie, a good kiss-scene isn’t solely based on the male actor. I think people just think that because male actors usually initiate the kiss, but its the story that leads up to the kiss scene that’s most important. I like to see it as an epic poem. The audience needs to understand the story line for the kiss scene to appear beautiful.”

Seo In Guk

Source: Ilgan Sports