Seo In Guk Reveals He Finds His Face Interesting And Sometimes Ugly

He is one charming man!

Recently, actor Seo In Guk held a video interview to celebrate the release of the movie Pipeline.

During the interview, Seo agreed with director Yoo Ha’s statement regarding his charms.

Previously at the press conference, the director stated, “Seo In Guk is not your typical pretty boy but rather has a charm that captures you as soon as you see him.”

To this, Seo responded, “I was not shocked at all by the statement. I myself think that I look quite strange. Sometimes I look handsome and other times I find myself ugly.”

He continued, “I think the director saw my interesting visuals in a positive way. He said that my eyes and my atmosphere had a way of bringing people in. I’m thankful that he saw me in a good way.”

On the other hand, the movie Pipeline premiered on May 26 and ranked number 3 on the box office charts.

Source: insight