Seo In Guk Shares Hilarious Story Of Being Rejected On A Ferris Wheel

Needless to say, he hates Ferris Wheels now.

On the latest episode of SBS’s My Ugly Duckling, actor Seo In Guk stole the hearts of the celebrity moms when he shared his most embarrassing rejection story.

Host Seo Jang Hoon remembered that Seo In Guk mentioned that he used to always be rejected when he confessed to a girl he liked. He confirmed it was true and laughed. Shin Dong Yup chimed in by curiously asking what the worst rejection he could remember was.

In a second, Seo In Guk knew the exact story he was going to tell. He began by explaining that he liked an older girl once. His friend had a girlfriend and really wanted to get In Guk one, so he set him up with the girl. He revealed that he liked her a lot but was shy and would only really meet with her when the other couple was there.


He further said that they eventually went to an amusement park, and his friend told him, “Today is the day. You need to confess your feelings or do something to settle this today.” Feeling romantic, In Guk decided that he would confess while they were on the Ferris Wheel.

He admitted that he had never ridden a Ferris Wheel at that point, so he greatly miscalculated the timing. He was so nervous that he told her he had something to say the moment they sat down. He then sang the beginning of Wheesung‘s “Can’t We,” a song that asks a girl to leave the guy she’s with to be with him. The major line is in the chorus that says, “Can’t you… love me?” He then asked her to go out with him.

…And she said, ‘Sorry, I only see you as a friend.’ She turned me down when the ride had just started, and then the two of us sat in silence for the rest of the ride as we went around the entire wheel. I still start sweating whenever I think about it.

—Seo In Guk

Shin Dong Yup laughed and commented that it’s a good story as it’s a lesson to others. He stated that it teaches people that if they are going to confess on a Ferris Wheel, wait until they are in the last quarter of the ride. Seo In Guk interjected.

Personally, I think you should stay off the ferris wheel. If you’re going to confess your feelings, never get on a ferris wheel.

—Seo In Guk