Seo Ye Ji Reveals A Story On How She Thought Her Sister Had Died…And How It Took A Ridiculously Comedic Turn

Lots of cursing was involved.

On an episode of Knowing Brothers, Seo Ye Ji reveals a hilarious story of how she once thought her sister died. It happened when she was young, and it begins with her whole family going on a hiking trip. The two were bored, so Seo Ye Ji’s sister thought it would be entertaining to walk backwards.

Seo Ye Ji misspoke, which caused her sister to fall off the cliff they were walking on.

Seo Ye Ji was shocked, so she immediately called for her sister. Seo Ye Ji started to cry once she heard no response back from her sister.

While she was crying hopelessly, Seo Ye Ji immediately started to hear some cursing from below her.

It turned out that her sister was alive, but she was angry over the whole situation and couldn’t help but curse at Seo Ye Ji.

Her sister just wanted her to bring their mother over, but the sister asked for the request in an angry way.

Seo Ye Ji’s mother didn’t seem too concerned about the situation and simply told her to get up.

Once Seo Ye Ji relayed her mother’s message to her sister, Seo Ye Ji’s sister couldn’t hide her rage and disbelief.

Here is the full video below!