Seohyun’s New Bangs Make Her Look Like Agnes From Despicable Me

Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun follows the choppy bangs trend as her new hairstyle for her new weekend drama.

Seohyun is currently the lead female role in MBC‘s new weekend drama, Bad Thief, Good Thief.

For the high school version of her character, Kang So Ju, Seohyun sported choppy bangs for a more youthful and a more “average-looking” image.

The look is similar to Agnes from Despicable Me!

The bangs suit perfectly for a badass high school student like Kang So Ju!

Seohyun slaying with choppy bangs and framed glasses!

She looks so cute…

Fans say that Kang Soju is very meme-worthy and her choppy bangs are just perfect!