Seohyun, Ji Soo, and Nam Joo Hyuk show how close they really are

This week, Ji Soo and Seohyun will be showing their support of and love for Nam Joo Hyuk as they appear on the set of his drama for special cameos.

Since they starred alongside one another in the TV show Moon Lovers, Ji Soo, Seohyun, and Nam Joo Hyuk have been fast friends. The show may now be over, but the three are always showing their love for one another in various ways. Most recently, Seohyun and Ji Soo were spotted at a concert together in support of fellow cast member, IU.

Now, it has been revealed that Ji Soo and Seohyun will be making special cameo appearances on Nam Joo Hyuk’s new drama, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok JooThe two will be showing up in this week’s episodes, 11 and 12.

Ji Soo and Seohyun have been unwavering in their show of support for each other as well as Nam Joo Hyuk. The whole Moon Lovers crew, but especially these three, have been showing their support of one another a lot by showing up at each other’s important events.

Even if their appearances are brief, their presence makes it clear that they care a lot about each other.


Check out the preview for episode 11 below!