Seohyun Reveals A Secret About Several Scenes In Ruby Ruby Love

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun has revealed how she approached filming the web drama Ruby Ruby Love as the lead female role.

On January 17, at Sangam’s CJ E&M Center, a press conference was held for OnStyle’s new web drama, Ruby Ruby Love featuring Seohyun.

Seohyun spoke at the press conference about her character in the drama and what it was like filming on set. In the drama, Seohyun plays the lead character of Ruby Lee, a genius who suffers from sociophobia, which is the fear of socializing.  

When she comes across a magic ring, however, it helps her to become an extremely successful jewelry designer. She’s joined by Lee Cheol Woo who plays her best friend, Lee Yi Kyung who plays the CEO of a Jewelry Enterprise, Hwang Seok Jeong and K-Pop Idol Z.Hera.

“Ruby is a very lively character. She’s also a little ridiculous. While working on this production, I let myself go…

So I had a lot of fun filming. Since I let myself go, we caught a lot of unexpected scenes on film. I think a lot of people will find it funny too. I can’t wait to show everyone.”

— Girls’ Generation Seohyun

Two episodes have already aired on January 18 and can be watched on Naver. Check out the trailer for the web series below:

Source: Nate