Seohyun Reveals Which SM Entertainment Idol She Considers Her Younger Sister

Seohyun revealed that she always brings a smile to her face.

During an episode of Channel A‘s Singderella, Seohyun revealed how she feels about the members of girl group Red Velvet when the members of the group were challenged on the show to call a fellow celebrity to complete lyrics to a selected song.

Wendy chose to call her SM Entertainment senior Seohyun to complete the lyrics to her solo debut “Don’t Say No” for the challenge.

Wendy failed during her first attempt after she called the phone number she believed was Seohyun’s and it actually led to a dead connection, to which the show’s MCs jokingly questioned her friendship with the Girl’s Generation member, she eventually reached Seohyun and completed her challenge.

After Wendy and Seohyun had completed their challenge, the variety shows MCs asked Seohyun what Red Velvet meant to her.

The members of Red Velvet have previously mentioned their close friendship with Seohyun and her caring nature towards the members. Seohyun revealed she sees the members as her younger sisters who always bring a smile to her face whenever they meet.

Take a look at the full video below.