Seolhyun Lookalike Idol Reveals Bra In See-Through Shirt

H.U.B is a lesser-known rookie group, but despite debuting only 6 months ago some of the members are giving well-established groups a run for their money!

Especially member Rui, who landed a frontpage Maxim Korea feature, and went viral for her sexy aura and baring a close resemblance to AOA’s Seolhyun! 

H.U.B’s Rui Does Incredibly Sexy Photo Shoot With MAXIM Magazine

At first glance it could be hard to differentiate the two idols! 

Fans around the world agree Rui looks very similar to Seolhyun!

AOA -Seolhyun

Due to her newfound popularity, videos of her sexy dancing have begun trending across online communities.

What especially caught everyone’s eyes was a performance Rui did last year in Hong Kong, when she wore a see-through shirt and exposed her bring pink bra!

Check out her latest performance below and welcome your new female bias, Rui!