Seolhyun Responds After Fake Nude Photos Of Her Were Spread Online

Seolhyun has broken her silence on the whole ordeal.

AOA member Seolhyun has finally broken her silence after fake nude photos of her were circulated online, supposedly leaked from her ex-boyfriend Zico‘s lost phone.

(★BREAKING) Rumors Spread Zico Lost His Phone, After Seolhyun’s Fake “Nude Picture” Goes Viral


Seolhyun posted a comment on AOA’s fancafe site confessing that the images hurt her deeply but she was definitely going to catch the person responsible.

How do I start writing? My heart hurts but I thought I needed to say something, so I came here. As the company said, I will certainly find the producer and distributor of the images. We will try our best to ensure there are no other victims from now on.” — Seolhyun


She added that she wished her fans and the people she loved happiness and that she was always grateful.


Stay strong, Seolhyun!

Source: DongA
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