Seolhyun Tried This New Hairstyle For The First Time Since Debut

Seolhyun said goodbye to the sleek, straight hair for some of the cutest perms ever seen!

AOA‘s Seolhyun is best known for her long straight locks. It’s been her signature hairstyle since her debut in 2012!

But Seolhyun updated her Instagram with a photo of her brand new hair challenge… the poodle perm!

She debuted her brand new look on her way to Myanmar with her FNC crew.

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The fans who met her at the airport got the first exclusive look at her brand new hairstyle.

And of course, they were totally in love with it!

Seolhyun always wore her hair in sleek, straight black.

Only creating natural waves for special occasions.

But now Seolhyun’s looking adorably beautiful in her poodle-like perms!

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