Seolhyun Wants To Get Rid Of Her Sexy Goddess Image

Seolhyun revealed she wanted to change her image for her upcoming movie, A Murderer’s Guide to Memorization.

She wanted to surprise the public by getting rid of her signature sexy goddess image.

“I wanted to break how the public sees my face and my image.”

— Seolhyun

She completely embodied her role as a filial daughter taking care of her dad who has alzheimer syndrome.

Director Won Shin Yeon complimented her ability to drop her idol image.

“Kim Seolhyun is an actor who instinctively knows how to portray emotions. The moment you see her without the image of an idol, you’ll see the actress Kim Seolhyun.”

— Won Shin Yeon

Fans may not even recognize Seolhyun in her movie with a completely new image!

Source: News Inside

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