Seoul Museum Of Art Thanks “MR.RM” For His Visit To The Museum

They may have given RM a new nickname in the process.

A couple of weeks ago, RM shared pictures of his visit to the Seoul Museum of Art.

He captioned the tweet with “Eternal Song” which is the name of the painting in his first picture.

His second picture was of him enjoying a drink outside the building.

And the final picture was of the skyline in the immediate area. It is a beautiful sight.

Well, just a couple of weeks later the Museum thanked RM for his visit, referring to the idol as “MR.RM” which many ARMYs have taken a liking to partially due to the fact that it reads the same backwards as forwards.

I’ll blame my eyes that I couldn’t capture you in person. It was quite a while ago, thank you for visiting us, MR.RM.