Seoul’s Blind Alley Café Has Taken The Idea Of Animal Café To The Next Level

With most themed cafes chose to focus on cats, this cafe in Seoul has taken the idea of themed cafe’s to the next level!

Cat cafes have been gaining a lot of attention and popularity in the recent years, with many cafes opening up all over the world.

However, this cozy cafe in Seoul is really pushing what most people expect when thinking about themes cafes!

Blind Alley Cafe on the inside! Source: qtkitchen

Next to Sookmyung Women’s University, Blind Alley cafe has been attracting people from all over Korea and the rest of the world with the really unique experience of drinking something delicious while being surrounded by wild animals!

After Han Seonghee, the cafe owner, brought his raccoon with him to the cafe word started to go around about the adorable raccoon and people seemed to just love the idea!

A customer with an adorable raccoon! Source: nnnicoleos

After seeing how much of a success bringing his raccoon was, Han Seonghee decided to bring more animals in, with the cafe now having a Welsh corgi, three raccoons, two capybaras and a possum!

Adorable possum. Source: nnnicoleos.

The cafe was featured in many travel books and websites and has become a huge tourist destination in Seoul, with 60% to 80% of the customers being foreigners.

These adorable cafe pets have stolen the hearts of many, and continue to attract much more!

The cafe doesn’t only have adorable animals, though! The cafe was originally quite popular with local students before the animals came along, with the menu items being quite delicious and aesthetically pleasing. It also seems to be that every item on the menu is made from scratch, proving that it must be extra delicious!

If the shaved ice looked refreshing (and incredibly sweet!), then this fruity and chilled drink is absolutely mouth-watering!

The Blind Alley Cafe appears only to be getting even more popular everyday, with many people hoping even more pets can come to greet the customers!