Red Velvet Seulgi always ends up getting accidentally hit by her group members

Seulgi always unintentionally gets hit by her members, and here’s how she reacts to the pain. 

When you’re in a girl group, it is inevitable to get whipped in the face by each other’s hair or bump into each other during dance routines, but Red Velvet‘s Seulgi has the best reaction to these situations. Seulgi always manages to react with a smile or laughs off the pain instead of getting annoyed, which truly shows her synergy with the rest of the group members.

Check out these incidents in which Seulgi was able to reveal her kind and loving character! 

Seulgi continues to smile despite the other member’s hair hitting her face.

She bumps into the other members during the “Random Play Dance” section of Weekly Idol, but shows no pain and continues to search for her spot.

She gets whipped in the face with Yeri‘s hair, but laughs it off and assures the younger member that it’s okay.

Seulgi gets hit by Wendy‘s hair but continues talking like a pro.

Luckily, she managed to dodge that time.

Source: Dispatch