Seulgi Is Collabing With Three Other Idols And Their Concept Will Make ’90s Babies Totally Nostalgic

“Seulgi killing me with those Clueless vibes.”

SM Entertainment recently announced a collaboration between Red Velvet‘s Seulgi, Chungha, GFRIEND‘s SinB and G-IDLE‘s Soyeon for their latest Station X 0 project.


Korean fans and international fans alike can’t wait for the track “Wow Thing” to drop, calling it a “power collaboration”.

  • “This is the best collab we had among girl groups collabs for a long time agree?”
  • “Daebak news… How did they make this happen, all the members are amazing.”
  • “This is a crazy awesome team up.”
  • “Chungha, SinB, Soyeon and Seulgi are totally a dream team.”
  • “I wish we had more collabs like this. It is so rare to happen. This line up is really amazing.”


Teaser images of Seulgi and SinB have been dropped ahead of the digital release, and anticipation is rising seeing as how the girls slayed the ’90s concept.

  • “I don’t think I’ll be around for when the song drops, these teasers are killing me.”
  • “You know what, I don’t think I’m ready for this. I’m freaking out over individual image teasers, who knows what’ll happen to me when the actual thing comes out.”
  • “Man does SinB look so good. Sluggybear really pulls off the charismatic looks so well.”


Fans think Seulgi looks especially gorgeous in the teasers, and can adapt to different groups’ concepts.

  • “Damn…. Seulgi looking straight up like she just joined Loona yyxy sub unit. But she looks damn good though.”
  • “Now thats some serious eye candy.”
  • “Seulgi is so damn gorgeous.”
  • “Seulgi killing me with those Clueless vibes.”
  • “Seulgi in that dress is giving me Iggy Azalea Fancy vibes, beautiful girl beautiful dress.”
  • “Seulgi bear rocking that Cher vibe! She’s so damn charismatic I can’t even look at the pictures for too long! Can’t wait for this collab to end me!”


“Wow Thing” is due to be released on Friday, September 28 at 6pm KST.