OH MY GIRL Seunghee and BTS V and Jimin Have The Cutest Friendship

Their friendship started in high school.

In a clip for tvn D‘s IDOL AGENCY, OH MY GIRL‘s Seunghee revealed that she was high school classmates with BTS‘s V and Jimin after she was asked if she knew anybody from the group.

She called them her friends and said that they had graduated from the same high school. She says that are still friends and greet each other when they see each other.

For her The Star profile, she was asked who her closest friends were. She wrote down,

High school friends, V and Jiminie!

But there’s more! During OH MY GIRL’s performance for the EDaily Culture Awards, BTS and V can be seen cheering for Seunghee when it was her part. The idol must have noticed and she couldn’t help but laugh! How sweet of the boys!

Seunghee showed her support for BTS during a live broadcast, where she sang and danced to their new song “Boy With Luv.” Friends always support each other, and it’s heartwarming to see V, Jimin, and Seunghee support each other so much!

What an adorable friendship!