Seungkwan Is The Best Promoter Of SEVENTEEN Anyone Could Ask For

He went the extra mile to get their name out there.

SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan visited his hometown of Jeju to enjoy the Cheonjeyeon Waterfall with Dingo. But, it couldn’t be that simple.

He was given a mission by Jeonghan to gain everyone’s attention while there by performing “Home” or “Very Nice”. And, he needed to make sure everyone knew he was SEVENTEEN’s main vocal Seungkwan.

When he got to the waterfall, he completed the mission by speaking with everyone in English and performing “Very Nice”.

He even asked everyone to “make some noise,” and they were enthusiastic about his performance.

He didn’t stop there. He made sure to tell them he was part of SEVENTEEN and to look up their videos on YouTube by cutely saying, “YouTube search please.”

And, he went the extra mile to snap a photo with a tourist who’d enjoyed his performance.

Seungkwan is by far the king of promoting SEVENTEEN with all the different methods he used, even while feeling embarrassed. Check it out here.