Seungri Accidentally Left His Hard-Drive Of Adult Videos At iKON’s House, And iKON Saw Everything

He was caught red-handed.

iKON and Seungri were recent guests on the popular variety show, “Knowing Bros”, where B.I. played a quiz game having everyone guess what was left behind in BIGBANG’s old dorm with Seungri’s trace on it.

Lee Soo Geun guessed that he must have found one of Seungri’s girlfriends hiding under a blanket, causing everyone to burst out laughing.

Seungri tried guessing too, at one point thinking he left behind a vacuum cleaner but B.I. assured him it wasn’t something that moves.

In the end, Jang Hoon got it right, by guessing Seungri left behind a hard-drive full of adult videos.

Yunhyeong, admitting they watched the videos, revealed they were easily able to figure out Seungri’s ideal type.

But Seungri didn’t want to give up on this and said he was going to look more into this by investigating the facts.

Unfortunately for him, iKON shut him down within 5 seconds.

It’s ok Seungri, we don’t judge 😅