Seungri begged on his knees to YG, to allow both WINNER and iKON to debut

And he shows he’s a great hyung!

BIGBANG‘s Seungri really seems to understand how hard other idols work. On the reality survival program, WIN: Who Is Next?, Seungri showed how much he liked both Team A (WINNER) and Team B (iKON).

“He (YG) likes this kind of brutal and cruel training technique, but when I see Team A and Team B shed sweat and really work their best through their hardship my heart feels broken.” — Seungri


He was so moved by both of their performances that he even begged on his knees!

“Yang CEO, please debut all of Team A and Team B!” — Seungri


Ultimately, Team A won the competition and debuted as WINNER in 2014.


But Team B would later appear on Mix & Match and debut as iKON a year later.


Since they’ve debuted, Seungri has proven to be the best hyung ever and really takes care of them.


He makes sure they properly introduce themselves.


And he encourages them to let loose every once in a while and have a good laugh.


But Seungri also isn’t afraid to scold them when they’ve been caught doing something they shouldn’t.


And he’s always there for them when they need him!


In return, the boys always have his back!

When BIGBANG was unable to accept their two awards at the 2016 Seoul Music Awards, iKON accepted them on their behalf!


With Seungri’s love and dedication, these two groups have become two big names in the K-Pop universe!


Watch the clip of Seungri asking YG to debut both groups below!

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