Seungri Celebrates His Birthday In The Most Seungri Way Possible, At A Beach Resort With Gorgeous Girls

BIGBANG’s Seungri was spotted celebrating his 27th birthday surrounded by gorgeous girls at a luxurious resort in Amanpulo island, Philipines.

He was surrounded by lovely ladies in bikinis as he rapped, DJ’ed, and danced in his swim shorts.

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So many people were at the party, enjoying good music and celebrating Seungri’s special day.

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He took off his shirt mid-party to jump into a pool with his friends.

And some netizens were quick to judge Seungri’s body, ridiculing his belly fat.

“He is so fat.”

“He has so much belly fat like an old man.”

“Why is he showing off his body? He has nothing to show.”

“Seungri gained a lot of weight.”

— Netizens

They compared his body to other BIGBANG members who are famous for their toned bodies that are basically nothing more than muscles.

Despite these negative comments, netizens were still amazed and jealous of his luxurious life, calling him the Korean Gatsby.

He was seen relaxing with the beautiful Raline Shah, a famous Indonesian actress.

Who cares what you look like when you can live life to the fullest like Seungri on his birthday!

Source: Nate News