Seungri Was Nearly Cut From BIGBANG, but these 5 things he said changed YG’s mind

BIGBANG almost debuted without their maknae Seungri, but these five reasons changed the members’ lives forever.

Back when BIGBANG was preparing for their debut, Yang Hyun Seok had decided to drop Seungri from the final lineup.

“I’m trying to create singers, not dancers. In that sense, [Seungri] was lacking.”

— Yang Hyun Seok

Ever determined businessman, Seungri bravely stepped up in front of everyone to reveal why he should be reconsidered for the group.

“My first reason is that I think I fit the maknae image best.”

— Seungri

“Second is dancing.

I’m knowledgeable and experienced in performance and choreography.

So I think I will be a big help when it comes to this team’s performance and choreography in the upcoming days.”

— Seungri

“The third is our concept.

The other members can draw in the fans with their strong, handsome, and manly image.

I am certain that I will be able to draw in the fans with my cute, smooth, and playful image.”

— Seungri

“Fourth is my confidence.

My confidence will never be put down by anyone else. I will always show off the best image that I have.”

— Seungri

“I don’t have a fifth reason.

But if you give me another chance, I will work hard to make sure that you never regret it.

I will shock everyone with my hidden talents and confidence.

If you give me the chance, I will really work hard.”

— Seungri

Then Seungri continued by putting on a vocal performance to truly shock YG and the members.

His desperation and passion were clearly felt by the audience as he sang his heart out.

In the end, Yang Hyun Seok couldn’t deny Seungri’s talents and offered him a spot in BIGBANG!

“I never knew [Seungri] could sing this well.

I cut you from the team because of your singing skills, but you sang the best I’ve ever heard today.”

— Yang Hyun Seok

“If you had chosen to dance instead of sing, I would have dropped you from the team for good.”

— Yang Hyun Seok

“I hope you put everything on the line to repay me for giving you another chance.”

— Yang Hyun Seok

And for the next 10 years, Seungri has done just that by climbing to the top as Kings of K-Pop!

Who could ever imagine BIGBANG without Seungri?

Source: Nate TV