Seungri Reportedly Told His Friend That He Would Leave the Industry Once He Made 400 Billion Won

That’s around 335 million USD dollars.

According to a recent report by Newsen, Seungri once claimed that he would leave the industry once he made 400 billion won (~$335 USD) in a private setting.

It’s been reported that following the Burning Sun scandal, Seungri got together with a friend and repeated this 10 times as if he was reminding himself over and over again.

Regarding this statement, Newsen speculates that perhaps Seungri was starting to get fed up by the industry he worked in, which is also not an uncommon feeling working people of all fields.

The news company explained, “He could have been saying it out of habit as many people do when they talk about wanting to quit their job or try something else.

They also added that before the Burning Sun scandal, his dreams might not have been that unrealistic seeing how he had always bragged about his performance and scale as a businessman.

Although it’s not confirmed, Newsen is wondering if Seungri wanted to leave the industry as soon as possible, leading him to do various illegal things to reach his goal of making 400 billion won.


Source: Dispatch

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