Pikotaro And VIPs Take Over Japanese Streets In Epic Flashmob Dedicated To Seungri

Honestly, the best surprise ever!

If you’ve been listening to Seungri‘s “Where R U From” on repeat ever since it was released, you aren’t the only one. The song is super catchy and will make you want to dance. And dancing is exactly what Pikotaro and Japanese fans did in the most epic and amazing flashmob ever!


It all started when a clip of Seungri’s video popped up on the screens at Seibu Shinjuku station plaza on September 3 and started to gather quite the crowd.


As the video played, Seungri introduced some of the biggest dancing sensations from the past couple of years including PSY‘s “Gangnam Style”…


And Pikotaro’s “PPAP” before “Where R U From” began to be blasted over the speakers in the plaza.


As soon as the music began playing the magic started happening. One person from the crowd at the station began busting out the moves to the song.


After a beat or two, he was joined by two of his friends who also began dancing along.


Those three performers soon turned into thirty!


And then multiplied even further, with 100 dancers boogying to the song!


But perhaps the best surprise was when Pikotaro himself came out to join the crowd and danced along with them!


As it turns out, the performance was meant as a special surprise for Seungri, or V.I as he’s known in Japan. To celebrate the release of the Japanese release of his latest album and to thank him for performing “PPAP” at the Tokyo Dome, Pikotaro and Japanese fans organized the whole event!

“V.I, congratulations on your September 5th album release! Also, thank you for DJing my song “PPAP” and performing it at the Tokyo Dome. This was a small surprise to repay you!”

— Pikotaro


And really what an amazing surprise it was! Check out the whole flashmob performance below and get ready to be blown away by its sheer awesomeness!