Seungri Promotes WINNER’s “EVERYDAY” In The Most Seungri Way Possible

Seungri does Seungri things.

With his BIGBANG members away for military training, Seungri is active joining his juniors in YG Entertainment instead.


A recent Instagram update of Seungri featured him promoting WINNER’s new song “Everyday” in the most Seungri-style fashion. The short clip started with Seungri asking a question before breaking into a dance when the part of “Everyday” is played.


“Seung hyung, do you still go to the club often?”

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“Hanbin (B.I), are you still solo?” 


“Are you both listening to WINNER’s new song?” 


He might be a senior to the group, but Seungri proved a more fun way to help promote his labelmates, catching everyone’s attention!


It also proved how sincere towards his juniors he really is. A fun fact about Seungri resurfaced showing how how he had to beg Yang Hyun Suk on his knees just to allow both WINNER and iKON to debut back in 2014.

Seungri begged on his knees to YG, to allow both WINNER and iKON to debut