BIGBANG’s Seungri Reveals The Group Actually Has Really Bad Teamwork

It’s not what fans expected.

Seungri was one of the first guests on Akdong Musician’s Suhyun‘s radio show Volume Up and he talked about his upcoming solo release as well as BIGBANG‘s lack of teamwork.


Seungri started out by talking about his solo comeback in July.

“After BLACKPINK makes their comeback on June 15, I will make my comeback right after in early July.” — Seungri


He also related his comeback to baseball, with 2 possible outcomes for his album on drastically different scales.

“I could hit a home run [show great results], or I could hit into a double play [show bad results]. If I hit into a double play, I don’t think I will get another chance [at releasing an album].” — Seungri


Seungri expressed that he wants to work hard so the BIGBANG fans won’t notice the rest of the members are in the military, and so that the members themselves can’t make fun of him.

“I would like it if the fans didn’t notice the empty spaces around me, with the members currently enlisted, so I will work hard to do that. If I don’t do well, the members in the military right now will just say ‘as expected, he can’t do anything without us’.” — Seungri


After being a group together for 13 years, many fans expect BIGBANG to have great teamwork, but Seungri dismissed this notion, saying their teamwork is bad.

“BIGBANG doesn’t really have good teamwork, but impressive that only the members know about that. When Taeyang gets that good feeling, he’ll run around on stage to where he isn’t supposed to be. We just pretend like that was what was supposed to happen.” — Seungri

Source: Xportsnews