Seungri Reveals What The Inside Of His House Looks Like For The First Time Ever

Seungri strives to be the Great Seungsby, with his luxurious house and fantastic lifestyle.

On I Live Alone, BIGBANG‘s Seungri shared inside views of his spacious home.

Seungri lives in a 2,100 ft² three bedroom apartment in a complex called the Brownstone Legend Apartments in Samsung-dong, Seoul. Celebrities prefer this complex because of its relatively small number of units. In fact, Seungri’s next door neighbor is actress Lee Si Young.


Fans truly enjoyed this episode and loved getting the tour of this BIGBANG member’s pad!


Seungri’s apartment is modern and stylish, with a cozy bedroom.

A Cozy-Sized Bedroom for Seungri

He showed off his bluetooth sound system in the bedroom by blasting music to pump up his morning routine.



The apartment is said to have three balconies, all giving access to breathtaking views of the city around.


Seungri also showed off a tidy bathroom, with a gold sink that befits his nickname, the “Great Seungsby”.

Kian84: “I feel so deprived now!”

The I Live Alone team didn’t leave out the classic steamy bath scene, for Seungri’s fans.


Seungri’s kitchen is modern and stylish, just like Seungri himself!

He cooked himself breakfast while rocking out to his bop from the bluetooth speakers.


Seungri took multiple phone calls while having breakfast in the living room. Seungri’s living room is bright and spacious.

Seungri, being the successful businessman he is, can speak Japanese, Chinese, and English.


Last but not least, Seungri wowed everyone on the show with his two full dress rooms.

He explained, “I have a lot of suits because I work at an office for my businesses.”


Seungri’s second dress room had his casual outfits neatly organized.


As Seungri stepped out of the house, fans were able to catch a glimpse of his vast collection of shoes.


Watch the full clip below.