Seungri Reveals YG Used To Throw Slippers At Him, But Now Asks For Advice 

Things seem to have definitely changed between YG and Seungri and he seems to have gained a lot of respect from his CEO.

Seungri has always been honest and vocal about his thoughts about YG Entertainment’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk.


On the latest episode of My Ugly Duckling, he revealed that it even went as far as Yang Hyun Suk throwing slippers at him.

“If I had collected all the slippers, I would be rich by now.” – Seungri


And even impersonated Yang Hyun Suk stating that now however, he commended a good deal of respect from his CEO. 

“He threw used to throw slippers at me back then. Now, he asks for my advice.”


The punishment may have been harsh for the young artist then but it seems to have created a positive effect.


The two also appeared to have a better relationship since then with YG even surprising Seungri on his recent birthday.


Source: Dispatch


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