Lee Si Young Gifts Seungri Soap Made From Her Own Breast Milk

She made soap out of her own breast milk and gave it to Seungri as a gift.

Breast milk is famous for being full of nutrients, containing everything that babies need to grow up big and strong. But can breast milk also be used as soap?


MBC’s long-running variety show “I Live Alone” portrays the lives of bachelor/bachelorette celebrities. On its latest episode, viewers were given a glimpse of how BIGBANG’s Seungri spends his time.

Seungri is known for being kind and considerate to his friends, so the part of the show where he gifted his neighbor Lee Si Young handmade shoes for her newborn baby should not have come as a surprise to any of his fans.


What might be a shock to viewers (because it definitely was to Seungri) was Lee Si Young’s offer of a gift in return: soap made from her breast milk.

According to the actress, soap made from breast milk is good for the skin, and contains many other benefits as well.


Many mothers have used their breast milk to treat the skin conditions of their babies, like diaper rash, acne, or eczema.

Other atypical uses for breast milk reportedly include facials, contact lens solution, treating ear infections, or even as a dietary supplement for adults. There’s a reason why it’s often called “liquid gold!”



Thus, Lee Si Young’s suggestion is in line with medical science, and explains why she was insistent about repaying his gift with her breast milk soap. Understandably, Seungri was shocked speechless at first

 “Buh… breast milk soap?” – Seungri


Lee Si Young responded very matter of factly despite how shocked Seungri was.

“Yes, that’s right. I’ve got so much excess breast milk these days I’m having soap made. It’s really good for you.” – Lee Si Young


After more back and forth, the ever-polite Seungri agrees to try out some of her soap. Lee Si Young, almost a bit surprised, then asks, “How many do you want? A year’s supply or just six month’s worth?”


Being the clever businessman that he is, Seungri quickly responded, “Would it be rude if you give me a year’s supply and I’ll regift it to others?”

That’s our Seungri – polite, considerate, clever, and business-minded!


Watch the full clip here:

Source: MBC / youtube