Seungri Just Revealed He Thinks There Are Some Major Similarities Between BLACKPINK And BIGBANG

Seungri couldn’t help but make a few comparisons.

Back in September, BLINKs got a surprise announcement that was a cause for celebration. On the group’s official fancafe, fans found out that BLACKPINK was going to be having their first ever solo concert, BLACKPINK 2018 Tour [In Your Area] Seoul X BC Card, on November 10 and 11.


Now the moment has finally come and it was just as spectacular as fans expected it to be!


But it wasn’t just fans that were blown away by the group’s concert! A lot of idols and celebrities also came out to support the members and enjoyed some fantastic music!

TWICE’s Momo and Nayeon, WINNER’s Jinwoo and Seunghoon, and Red velvet’s Irene and Yeri were just a few familiar faces that came to the concert.


One of those idol guests was BIGBANG‘s Seungri who even joined the members on stage to show some extra support!


Being the completely supportive sunbae that he is, he gave a few words that immediately set BLINKs hearts ablaze.

“I am honored to be here with BLACKPINK. This gymnastics arena was also the venue for BIGBANG’s first concert and I know that starting from here,  we will see soon see them them perform all over the world!”

— Seungri


Besides his kind words, he also made a few comparisons between his own group and BLACKPINK.

“I think there are many similarities between BIGBANG and BLACKPINK. Whenever I see Jennie, I’m always reminded of G-dragon hyung. Both of them are always in Paris and have a really good sense of fashion. Lisa reminds me of Daesung with her bright energy. When I see Jisoo I think of TOP. They can both be a little silly and unpredictable at times but they’re also incredibly charasmatic. And as for Rosé, she reminds me of Taeyang. She has strong vocals and has the soul of an artist.”

— Seungri 


Since BIGBANG is a much-loved group in K-Pop and has made quite the impact worldwide, fans think the comparison is incredibly sweet and have been praising him for being such a great sunbae.


And if you were wondering where the last member of BIGBANG fits into this, well, we all know that he’s already the fifth member of BLACKPINK!

Source: MyDaily