Han Seungwoo And Choi Byungchan Reveal Which VICTON Members Talk The Most In Their Group Chat

There was more than one talkative member in their chat.

If they have access to cell phones, an idol group can’t go without having a chat group for their eyes only. During VICTON‘s Tingle Interview with Han Seungwoo and Choi Byungchan, the two revealed which members send the most messages.

| @VICTON1109/Twitter

One of the questions for their ASMR Q&A asked Choi Byungchan and Han Seungwoo to choose the most talkative member in their group chat. While most groups have one member that stands out, VICTON had a few.

As soon as Choi Byungchan heard the question, two members came to mind. He quickly said, “Hanse and Chan,” before deciding on the former.

Han Seungwoo reminded him of another member who fits the role. He added, “Seungsik too!” Choi Byungchan instantly agreed by saying, “Seungsik talks a lot too.

Out of the three members, Choi Byungchan narrowed it down to two. He said, “Seungsik and Hanse are the two most talkative.

When asked if either of them named their group chat, they revealed they didn’t have one and made up funny names on the spot. Since Choi Byungchan chose “7 Freaks” and Han Seungwoo chose “Bark Bark,” they decided on “7 Bark Bark.

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