SEVENTEEN Has 4 Official Units, But There Are 2 More You Should Know About

Keep your eyes peeled for them.

With the advantage of thirteen members, SEVENTEEN can split into different units that focus on a particular style. There are three main ones that the group is broken up into.

Regarding dancing and the creation of choreography, the Performance Team is the unit to take charge. Hoshi, The8, Jun and Dino make it look effortless and eye-catching.

For honey vocals and touching lyrics, the Vocal Team has the group covered. Woozi, Seungkwan, DK, Jeonghan, and Joshua can sweetly sing you to sleep.

Whether you need energy or raw emotion, the Hip-Hop Team‘s Vernon, S.Coups, Wonwoo, and Mingyu has all the range.

Besides the central units, there’s also BooSeokSoon if you just want to have some good-natured fun, who have shared that energy through performances on music shows.

| @pledis_17/Twitter

As if all of those units weren’t enough to keep track of, DK revealed there were two others for everyone to watch out for. The first was the unit that combined the best of all three main units, “We have LEADERS, the leaders of each unit. Hip-Hop Team’s S.Coups, Vocal Team’s Woozi, and Performance Team’s Hoshi.

DK couldn’t forget to mention their song “Change Up” that’ll always be a crowd-pleaser. For the last unit, it was one that you would’ve noticed but didn’t think too much about.

The unit that can give all the others a run for their money with cuteness, “And, there’s another unit Maknaes. Seungkwan, Dino, and Vernon. I think it would be good if they come out as Maknaes and show off their cute charms.

See DK put the spotlight on the units everyone needs to pay close attention to here.